Paper or Plastic?

Today is A Day Without a Disposable Bag Day. Err.. I mean A Day Without a Disposable Bag, which is the same thing, just not as redundant. In fact, does “as redundant” even make sense? Anyhoo…

A Day Without a Bag is a novel idea concocted by Santa Monicans with good intentions. We are living in a swirling pit of garbage, and we should stop that. Today, we’re supposed to use only non-disposable baggage. You know, like that girlfriend or boyfriend of yours that you keep taking back even though they’s damaged goods. I call them try-agains.

So, I have all of these Christmas presents that I have to mail out today, and they’re in my car, in a big nasty plastic Big Lots bag. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to use a disposable bag on A Day Without a Disposable Bag Day. I forgot to check my Eco Day Planner, where I would have noticed the little carbon footprint stamp in the corner of Dec. 20. I would have bypassed the Big Lots Earth-killer for my Lean Green Man-Tote.

Wait. The Big Lots bag is a bag from a store that I am re-using for another purpose. In fact, I’ll probably use it again for other presents. Maybe even for my next move. Doesn’t that make it a try-again?

I love you, Earth. I love you Big Lots.

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