No Liver, No Peace

What: March on CIGNA
When: Thursday, Dec. 20, 11:00 am
Where: CIGNA Headquarters, Glendale
400 N Brand Blvd, St. 400, Glendale, CA 91203

Fucking health insurance. Grr. I just spent the entire day in a hospital yesterday supporting my dad who had his gallbladder removed (he did fine and is already home). The feelings of stress and concern for a loved are hard enough before thinking about money and if this procedure will bankrupt you and your family.

Nataline Sarkisyan is 17. She’s laying in UCLA’s ICU and she will die without a liver transplant.

CIGNA is her insurance company and has denied the procedure. Asshats.

Full Press Release After The Jump.

Life Denied: California Nurses, Family of Sick Teen March on Health Insurance Company Thursday

17-year-old girl needs liver transplant, CIGNA denies

GLENDALE, Calif., Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Registered nurses, family and
concerned community members will march on the corporate offices of health
insurance giant CIGNA in Glendale this Thursday to protest the company’s
denial of a life-saving liver transplant for 17-year-old Nataline
Sarkisyan, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing
Committee announced today. The nurses will accompany the family and demand
that CIGNA approve the transplant. In addition, the family and the nurses
are urgently appealing to the public to call CIGNA at 818-500-6262 and
demand they provide the care Nataline needs.

What: March on CIGNA
When: Thursday, Dec. 20, 11:00 am
Where: CIGNA Headquarters, Glendale
400 N Brand Blvd, St. 400, Glendale, CA 91203

“My daughter survived two bouts of cancer, and against all odds has
been stable even with so many of her organs not working, only to now be
told that she can not get the only treatment that will save her life
because some administrator in some office thinks it is too expensive,” said
Hilda Sarkisyan. “We needed help in standing up against this insurance
provider, and of course it was the nurses who stepped forward.”

Nataline, recently treated at UCLA Medical Center with a bone marrow
transplant for a recurring leukemia, developed a rare complication from the
chemotherapy and transplant causing many of her organs, including her liver
and kidneys to shut down. She is now in critical condition in the intensive
care unit and multiple doctors have told the family that her only hope of
survival is a liver transplant. Medically speaking, her doctors say that
she is ready for the transplant. They also believe that her other organs
will recover on their own if the liver is transplanted. CIGNA has ignored
this medical decision and calls the transplant “experimental” as
justification for denying the treatment.

CIGNA’s refusal of Nataline’s liver transplant-overruling the urgent
appeals of an array of doctors and nurses-is an example of the kind of
failures of the new healthcare plan sponsored by Arnold Schwarzenegger and
Fabian Nunez. That plan, which is actively supported by CIGNA, requires
every single Californian to purchase insurance products from companies like
CIGNA, but does not address the problem of denial of care evident in this

CNA/NNOC is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing union of
direct-care RNs, with some 75,000 members in all 50 states.

SOURCE California Nurses Association

2 thoughts on “No Liver, No Peace”

  1. March away. I wonder what CIGNA has to say. It won’t change anything, but knowing their justification helps close loop holes to prevent the problem in the future via legislation.

    The problem we have that no one get’s is that Health plans in general aren’t governed by the Department of Insurance which has some pretty darn tough and outstanding “fair claims practices” standards on the books. HMO’s in particular are governed by the Dept of Corporations which doesn’t have the regulatory and punishment teeth to keep them in line like the DOI can.

  2. The saddest part of this post is that many attended the rally. 15 minutes after it started they got word that the transplant was removed. In the joy of the news they got the call she was failing fast. The child died 3 hours later, the family is devastated. I feel for them as I know what it is like to watch a child die in the hospital.

    Before everyone jumps on the clerk that had to give the news I can promise you this. He/she feels like total shit but the decision was out of their hands. I can tell this much that it those at the top likely could give a shit and can only imagine the cya memos flying right now.

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