Last Second Guide to Last Minute Shopping Guides

Still looking for that perfect gift for the friend who already has – or worse – doesn’t want anything? Or maybe you’re like me and you haven’t even begun shopping yet, not because you procrastinate but because [note to self: fill in with clever reason later].

Here’s a rundown of the “last minute shopping guides” we’ve posted here on, as well as a few more we’ve found on other local blogs:

Caroline on Crack leads her list for “the girl about town” with poker chip looking gift cards for the hipster bar Seven Grand.

Will Campbell suggests buying someone a church.

Lori Nyx at LAist has a list perfect for the Lios and Danae Pyles on your list, including body parts from Necromance and Absinthe from Bev Mo. Although what most goths really want for X-mas is just for you to leave them and their lunchboxes alone(!).

Travis Koplow suggests the alt flea market Handmade in Sherman Oaks. Theys gots dashboard ninjas.

Our own Annika has suggestions for your poor ass friends (ie striking Guild writers and regularly broke aspiring Guild writers), topping the list with a membership to the LA Zoo – something you can use time and time again.

Jason Burns says you can’t go wrong with Wacko.

I’ve got some ideas for the film junkie in your life.

Siel the Green (and red) LA Girl has an insane amount of earth friendly suggestions.

And finally, I think the guide I mentioned last year – gift ideas for bloggers – still stands up, although not all the suggestions can be pulled together at the last minute.

Any other suggestions for great last minute gifts or shopping venues around LA?

3 thoughts on “Last Second Guide to Last Minute Shopping Guides”

  1. Being nice to people would be a good gift.

    I think buying gifts and giving gifts says that the only way you can demonstrate you care is through money or material objects.

    I think in this so called green age, we should really understand that consumerism and greed is the basis of why the earth is being destroyed.

    The best gift to give if you care about the earth and the people on it, is nothing.

    With the gift of nothing you haven’t contributed to the suffering of anyone else, you haven’t killed the earth with your car, you haven’t wasted wrapping paper. And what a great model for little kids by giving the gift of nothing you are showing them that buying isn’t the point of Christmas. There is never a point in buying anything.

    If you have to get something, give it to people in shelters, the homeless person on your street.

    With the gift of nothing, no one feels bad. No one feels like they didn’t give enough or their gift in comparison to what they gave you is not as good.

    Start the give nothing tradition. Save your family and your friends from the horrible cycle of consumerism.

    You are not a grinch if you don’t want to participate in the Christmas holidays in a vile, disgusting way. It is the corporations and merchants who are trying to guilt you into opening up your wallet to show that you care that are the vile and disgusting grinches.


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