Last Minute Shopping: Church

Look no further people. Today I happened upon the ultimate gift for the Angeleno who has everything and wants more: the historic Second Church of Christ Scientist on Adams Boulevard just east of Hoover. No, I do not kid. The magnificent 97-year-old structure I call the Pantheon of Los Angeles is up for sale:

Jesus! What could possibly say Christmas more than a house built for The Man Himself! And look at all the extras as found listed on the Charles Dunn Company website (search under “special purpose” property types in Los Angeles): building size – 24,625 square feet; lot size – 68,999 square feet; the main auditorium seats 1,100 people while an adjacent structure has room for 700; copper-clad dome that was at its time the largest concrete-poured dome in the world; six Corinthian columns; and last but not least added in 1987 on the National Registry of Historic Places, so no tear down thank the lord. Seriously: Thank You God.

Oh, and the asking price? $8 million. Righteous.

11 thoughts on “Last Minute Shopping: Church”

  1. I’m really hoping that USC buys it. I bet with a bit of cash they could turn that into a really beautiful library.

  2. Nah, Posh and Becks need another hang.

    Mebbe he can practice penalty shots in there. Take out the pews, put in a goal and net…

  3. Just imagine a 24,625 foot frat house!

    I just drove by there on Wednesday and didn’t see the for sale sign, they must of just put it up.

    I’ve never been in it, but it seems it would make a cool concert/theater venue.

  4. Do you mean Parthenon?

    Doubtful. It looks like the Pantheon, it doesn’t look at all like the Parthenon. Google is your friend.

  5. Thanks Jim. Indeed Cat’s Staff, Rome’s Pantheon is what I meant. If I were to compare an L.A. structure to the Parthenon in Athens I’d probably pick the Getty.

  6. Oh man…you know what, I inquired on buying that church two years ago! I thought it would be an awesome house. I still want it, but $8M is a wee bit out of my price range. I also looked into 2 old schools, a fire station and a library that was closed down. Not one of them was in my price range of free.

  7. 17-19. 22.12
    One wonders what will be done with the money raised??pay off all those kiddies who were abused by collar wearing stalwarts of the church??

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