ICME: Things you can’t ship at the UPS store

Do_not_accept.jpegI went to the UPS store this afternoon to ship some stuff to out of state friends and family, and saw this rather amusing sign of the things the UPS Store will not accept.

I snapped this with my Helio Ocean, and thought it was on higher resolution than it is, so squint along with me as I point out some of the things you can not ship this holiday season. Or ever:

  • Snakes.
  • $50,001 of gold bullion.
  • Poison Gas
  • A 37 cent Elvis stamp.
  • Tarantulas.
  • Stacks of coins.
  • Scottie dogs.
  • Walter Donnie*, from The big Lebowski.

Needless to say, I’m going to end up hand delivering a lot of gifts this year. I hope my friends and family will try to look surprised.

*Oops. I conflated Lebowski with The ‘Burbs. My bad.

8 thoughts on “ICME: Things you can’t ship at the UPS store”

  1. When you say Walter from The Big Lebowski, are referencing the urn? Because if you are, then you probably mean Donnie. Maybe it’s just a small picture, but I don’t see anything else that would be Walter (John Goodman).

  2. I just paid UPS a visit as well. They ain’t cheap.

    Quick Tip: If your box is only half full and the rest is packing peanuts or bubble wrap, ask them to cut down the box. My order went from $125 to $78 in a matter of minutes.

  3. Is that a can of Aquanet I see in that picture?

    Damn it all! Now how will I get those scotty dogs and snakes to my out of town friends?

  4. But how did my snake get to the pet store where I bought him? Is there a special herpetology shipper?

  5. I think the scottie dog – which is actually a schnauzer – is wearing one of those headlamps that OB/Gyns sometimes use. So in summation:

    Scottie Dogs = OK

    Gynecologist Schnauzers = Not OK


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