Peoples Republic of Pasadena marches on (and over dissidents)

I don’t know who is planting the land mines in front of Pasadena Mayor Bogaard but he keeps stepping on them. Whomever is advising him isn’t helping out to well as the lastest bit on the Rose Parade and his efforts to tax the Internet keep backing up on him. More of the land mines hit the press and blogs this morning.

grinch.jpg Todd Ruiz in his blog “Under the Dome” reports that the human torch relay in support of human rights as a protest of the Chinese float has been rejected. Read more in his Stillborn Compromise as well as the Pasadena Star News (also by him).

grinch.jpg Pasadena Pundit continues its semi-gloat after the court hearing agreed that Proposition D was an internet tax trap. (It just can’t be sprung until Federal law changes).

If you have a few minutes to spare you need to read the whole series of articles Ruiz has put up on the whole courting the Chinese to the Rose Bowl and the cities response to critics. Well written and interesting insights.

Not to besmurch the other candidates, and LAUSD not paying teachers for months is a biggy, but this chunk of LA has a chance to do right by at least one person on a global scale and instead opts to stay the course and do nothing. Bogaard has my vote still.

To see the full list of candidates and vote check out Markland’s Grinch of the Year article done a few days ago.