No Mo Ho in Monrovia

oakparkmotel.jpg The Crime Scene Blog broke the story. The Crime Scene blog reported the Oak Park Motel here in outer monrovia was the scene of a LA Sheriff raid after they responded to an internet ad for an “escort”. It goes on to say there were a total of 37 arrests for prostitution in the SGV and it will all appear in the Star News tomorrow. Will update as the titillating news develops to satisfy your prurient interests.

Pic by me on one of my meanders a few weeks ago. Gets bigger with a few quick strokes and a left click.
Updated information after the Jump

The article Dozens caught in sting ran inthe Pasadena Star News this morning. 6 cities here in Far East LA were involved. Interesting is that each team of sheriff’s also had an officer from Immigrant and Customs Enforcement with them. The hope is that the ICE officers would find vicitms of human trafficking. Instead they found 1 run-of-the-mill illegal immigrant. The more interesting statistic is that male employment in prostitution is growing towards parity in vice crimes as only 32 of the 37 arrested were, ahem, “ladies”.