Secret LA Parking Tip: The Grrrrove

grove.jpgReaders who’ve either endured or enjoyed my various tales of two-wheeling it around town can guess that my best L.A.parking tip would be to RIDE A FREAKIN’ BIKE.

But since this is more about navigating your four-wheeled conveyance through the area’s more congestified consumer containment zones, I humbly submit my own suggestion when forced to go to The Grrrrrove and I readily admit it is nothing new to those in the know: go get high.

Level Eight, baby. The Roof. In less than the amount of time you’ll waste crawling around the lower three or four levels with everyone else trying to nab one of the 30-140 open (yeah, right) spaces there, you can wind your way up to the wide open top deck and be parked and on your way back down to the ground.

As an added bonus for going the distance you’ll learn that being 80 feet up in the air above 3rd Street and Fairfax affords marvelous and long 360-degree views of greater L.A. on a clear day. So don’t be L7 at Level Seven. Sure there’s plenty of parking there, but do yourself a favor and resist the temptation to peel off for immediate parkification and instead go all the way.

7 thoughts on “Secret LA Parking Tip: The Grrrrove”

  1. I would actually recommend parking completely off campus, probably on the other side of Pan Pacific Park in the residential ‘hood. A 3 minute walk across the park along 3rd St, enter at/near Nordstrom, and voila.

    Whatever you do, do not park in the Whole Foods/Kmart lot and run across the street. And I will curse you. They will tow. Probably about in that order.

  2. Here’s the best Grove parking secret…

    1 -Befriend me
    2 – Park at my house
    3 – Walk the block to the Grove
    4- Bring me a coffee on your way back

    It’s win, win.

  3. LOL @ Will…my friends used to the same thing when I lived over there. They’d come to visit and we’d walk down to the Grove. Of course, I’ve also see what the locals do to the cars of the people visiting the Grove. Pretty funny how riled up they got considering just north, we poor apt. dwellers had to deal with Melrose traffic and because I lived on Spaulding, I also got to deal with idiot parents of Fairfax students.

    Oh and Campbell, you should also mention that at random times, the 8th floor is only open to workers at the Grove. But, I was told that during the holidays, the workers are forced to park offsite (in mysterious regions of where, I have no idea).

  4. Yeah, but what WC fails to mention is that if the parking structure is super packed (like when is it not?), upon exiting it is a long long frustrating spiral back down to the ground. And for that matter someone should teach those ticket takers at the exits some manners. Heard of “Thank You, Have A Nice Day or Come Again???”

    From the road…the best thing to do is valet. Or you can pull up to the valet and tell them you are picking up a large item and they will probably let you leave it right up front. Just be sure to come back with…um… a large item.

  5. Grove valet parking is free with a $200 or is it $250 purchase from any Grove merchant. Receipt required. Rooftop parking is always the best route for any busy parking structure. Level 5 for Bev Center.

  6. UMMMMM…so not nice to park in the neighborhoods around there. As a longtime resident (11 years) on Orange Grove and having to deal with the parking nightmare of The Dime, Canters, The Grove, Fairfax High and whatever else goes on over there, it’s really unfair. We tried to petition for parking permits, but the Canter’s lobby is too big.

    And, before you denounce me – I have to say that it’s one thing if that’s what *you* do, but it’s another to post on a blog to the world to do it!

    And, for those of you wondering where the employees are parking…that would be on my street.

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