Polystyrene Goes in the Blue Bin


Did you hear the good news? I got a notice in the mail from the Trash Dept. that we can now recycle our clean Styrofoam cups, food containers, and packing materials in The Big Blue Bin aka El Bote Azul Grande. No mention of why packing peanuts are not allowed though, maybe someone is allergic to plastic nuts. I guess it is good news, one less thing to chuck in the landfills. And a solid excuse to resume my love for the soothing, squeaking sounds of Styrofoam chunks rubbing together. Now off to find me an empty monitor box!

6 thoughts on “Polystyrene Goes in the Blue Bin”

  1. You know, since summer, I’ve been noticing the BoS publicity campaign on this, but I’m totally confused. I always though that that stuff was allowed in the bins. It had the right number on it, so I always tossed mine in. The lady at the Fair was not very helpful in that she had no idea what I was talking about. I must admit that this is the first time I’ve lived somewhere were we had to recycle, so maybe in my zeal to recycle I just tossed in anything.

  2. My blue bin runs under different rules than yours, but similar at least.

    My rule of thumb is look for the little triangle on the bottom and blue bin it. When i doubt if it didn’t have food stuff on it it went into the blue bin anyway as that is what the crud pickers at the end who sort do.

    Better to guess wrong than not try at all.

  3. You were always able to recycle foam containers that had the proper numbers on them as they’re made from plastic, not polystyrene. The difference is that you can now also recycle polystyrene containers. I have a feeling that you can’t recycle peanuts because either a) they’re unruly and difficult to separate or b) a lot of them are now made out of biodegradable material rather than polystyrene (which is why some of them smell like Cap’n Crunch and dogs love them).

    And anyone who hasn’t looked over the list of what’s allowed in the blue bins should really check out the BoS link that Chavo provided. The first time I read it I was totally surprised how much stuff you can recycle that I had been throwing away (plastic coat hangers? aerosol cans?), and ever since my recycling bin is, like the Militant’s, often more full than the trash.

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