bLA Podcast: John Landis and Edgar Wright! For those who’ve been waiting (and those who are just joining us), I am proud to bring you the John Landis Q&A from the December 10th Screening of An American Werewolf in London and Tremors at the New Bevery Cinema, hosted by Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

This one is a doozy. Following the screening of his film, Mr. Landis held the audience of the New Beverly captive with stories about porn, Mickey Mouse, and Alfred Hitchcock. If you’re offended by rude jokes about Princess Diana, you might want to skip this one. Those of you out there with distinguished senses of humor will thoroughly enjoy listening along.

I do want to apologize to Ron Underwood, the director of Tremors. He made a hoot of a monster flick, but conflicting schedules (i.e. my job) made it impossible for me to stay and record his talk with Edgar. Perhaps sometime in the future Mr. Underwood will come back to the New Beverly and we’ll definitely catch him then.

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Podcasts from the Top Secret! and Bananas, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and
Head, and Raising Arizona and Evil Dead II double features will be up soon! You can take a listen to the previous podcasts with Paul Williams, Timothy Dalton, Joe Dante and Shane Black after the jump!

Spauncheriffic Landis photo by pietroizzo, via flickr.

December 2nd – Bugsy Malone and Phantom of the Paradise with special guest composer Paul Williams.

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Decenber 5th – Flash Gordon and Danger: Daibolik! with special guests Timothy Dalton and Joe Dante.

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December 7th – The Last Boy Scout and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with special guest screenwriter Shane Black.

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3 thoughts on “bLA Podcast: John Landis and Edgar Wright”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I only made one night and have been salivating and the thought of all that I missed. You rock!

  2. For the night of Dec. 2 with Paul Williams: do you happen to have the rest of the evening’s Q&A? I’d love to have the bit with Tarantino singing before the intro of Ishtar.
    Thank you so much for posting these, by the way. They’re great.

  3. So good to hear this stuff again! Bummer you missed the Tremors bits, Ron Underwood and Brent Maddock were super cool.

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