Vote Now for L.A.’s Grinch of the Year!

After a careful nomination process, the possible recipients of the Los Angeles Grinch of the Year award has been whittled down to a manageable five choices.

Nick Counter and the AMPTP, the LA Unified School District, Pasadena Mayor Bogaard, The Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association, and, surprisingly, the LA City Nerd (who awarded the title of his 2006 City Nerd Blog of the Year – perhaps his nomination is merely an effort to shame him into returning?)

Please vote (at right) by 11:59pm, Wednesday, December 19th. The “winner” will be announced this Thursday.

After the jump, a brief summary of the nominees.

The Nominees

Nick Counter and the AMPTP for stonewalling the Writers Guild and prolonging the WGA strike. This one could be an easy winner, but I strongly encourage voters to balance the dastardly deeds inflicted upon all of Los Angeles before voting.

The LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) for “the lengthy snafu that left teachers struggling to get their paychecks” and then spending $1.4 million on a PR campaign in part to repair their image for such mistakes. Marshall adds they should also win “for the general collapse of the educational system, and their leading role in it.”
The Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association for “for fervently opposing the EXPO line phase 2 due to the less-than-1/2 mile that the subway to the sea would run through their delicate neighborhood,” thus hindering an improvement on LA’s public transportation system all in the name of NIMBYism.

Pasadena Mayor Bogaard for allowing a Chinese float into the Pasadena Rose Bowl, in spite of the country’s human rights offenses, and for “(throwing) a grandma out of a public meeting for speaking up against” the plan. Additional offenses include proposing a measure to tax internet access. (Blogger Aaron Proctor adds that Bogaard also beat his bid for Mayor.)

The LA City Nerd for, as Gregg Fuller writes, “taking himself out of the game.” For nearly two years, the City Nerd was the go-to blogger for any question regarding the City of Los Angeles, but disappeared without a trace in early September, apparently taking all of his helpful blogposts with him. Rumors persist that the City Nerd could be Zach Behrens, now editor of LAist, Josh Kamensky, Eric Garcetti’s former PR flack who resigned around the time the City Nerd went MIA, and City Councilman Tom LaBonge.

Enjoy voting. Feel free to make last minute write in bids or protests in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Vote Now for L.A.’s Grinch of the Year!”

  1. The grinch is definitely Bogaard…for spoiling my chances at Mayor. This Christmas could have been full of tons of food and hot bitches…and is instead full of lunchmeat and mastubatory fantasies. Woe is me.

  2. Officially sponsored by Avery-Dennison but paid for by several Chinese-American groups, the float is a promo for the 2008 Olympics. China promised to improve its human rights practices when it was awarded the Olympics, but it hasn’t. Week after week, people with real-life stories of unjust imprisonment, torture and death in China asked Pasadena City Council to take a stand against the float. The best the Council could do was affirm their approval of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights–the UN document adopted 1948 but new to Mayor Bogaard. (Guess he missed that Amnesty International concert in ’88 down at the Coliseum.)

    In the grand scheme of things, China’s got the US by the short and curlies. Good luck finding something NOT made in China this holiday season. Will protesting the float force China to make changes? Who knows–but the protest is important nonetheless. It is important to me because people in my community were brave enough to stand up and speak out, perhaps further endangering the lives of their loved ones in prison.

  3. Aw come on. Don’t be hating on The dearly departed L.A. City Nerd. Wherever he or she is hiding it wasn’t by choice. There was no compromise in integrity just anonymity.

  4. I swear to Gosh all the people voting for the AMPTP are self absorbed idiots. My heart goes out to all the folks without jobs (in an overpaid industry to begin with), but the f*cken janitors strike effected WAY more people and got minimal coverage by the media, get over yourselves.

    That being said I’ll be a self absorbed planner nerd and vote for cheviot hills ass., even though I know LAUSD deserves it big time.

  5. There is no person suitable than Bogaard to be the elected as grinch. He ate up his human conscience by inviting Beijing Olympic float to rose parade. Communist Beijing is still arresting, torturing and killing Falun gong followers, underground Christians, human rights activities, reporters…… Boggard should read Bible to check if he follows the lord to help those who need help desperately. He has chance to correct his mistakes.

  6. Not saying China is ok, but if China doesn’t get a float then the US, probably shouldn’t have another parade ever again. I’m sure “our boys” are in some foreign land encouraging people to talk with the handles of their rifles right now.

    If the people in the US weren’t such greedy bastards, places like China wouldn’t have to use slave labor and destroy human rights, because there wouldn’t be a country like the US to sell stuff to.

    If you want to help people in China, probably not buying anying this Christmas would be a good start.

    China should probably just learn the new kind of torture. The American style of economic torture.

    “If you don’t do what we say we’ll make you poor, angry, and self destruct and then we’ll blame you,” Uncle Sam.

    Torturing someone economically is the PC way of killing them and it also keeps you free of blame, because poor people should probably just try a little bit harder.


  7. Nick Counter. Guy couldn’t even send a rep to talk with the LA City Council. Which is exactly how much he cares about this city. Grinch of all grinches.

  8. My Vote goes to Mayor Bogaard. Float or no float the man failed to act with ANY compassion and demeaned the victims that testified before them.

  9. You are cordially invited to join us at the Award ceremony for Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard for winning the 2007 Grinch of the Year with a landslide votes.
    Date: Saturday, December 20, 2007
    Time: 3:00 p.m.
    Place: Pasadena City Hall
    100 N Garfield Ave., Pasadena, Ca. 91109
    Contact: [email protected]
    Please bring your friends.
    Mayor Bogaard also won because of his refusal to help a woman pleading for him to write a letter to Pasadena’s sister city in a district of Beijing asking for the release of her mother.
    Please see

    Award Ceremony for Pasadena Mayor Bogaard for winning the Grinch of the Year.
    Date: Saturday, December 22, 2007
    Time: 3:00 P.M.
    Place: Pasadena City Hall, 100 N Garfield, Pasadena

  11. It is no coincidence that Mayor Bogaard has been voted the Grinch for 2007. Falun Gong embraces the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. The Chinese Communist Regimes embraces tyranny, atrocity and brutality. There is a God!!

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