Vote Now for L.A.’s Grinch of the Year!

December 17, 2007 at 12:14 am in Uncategorized

After a careful nomination process, the possible recipients of the Los Angeles Grinch of the Year award has been whittled down to a manageable five choices.

Nick Counter and the AMPTP, the LA Unified School District, Pasadena Mayor Bogaard, The Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association, and, surprisingly, the LA City Nerd (who awarded the title of his 2006 City Nerd Blog of the Year – perhaps his nomination is merely an effort to shame him into returning?)

Please vote (at right) by 11:59pm, Wednesday, December 19th. The “winner” will be announced this Thursday.

After the jump, a brief summary of the nominees.

The Nominees

Nick Counter and the AMPTP for stonewalling the Writers Guild and prolonging the WGA strike. This one could be an easy winner, but I strongly encourage voters to balance the dastardly deeds inflicted upon all of Los Angeles before voting.

The LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) for “the lengthy snafu that left teachers struggling to get their paychecks” and then spending $1.4 million on a PR campaign in part to repair their image for such mistakes. Marshall adds they should also win “for the general collapse of the educational system, and their leading role in it.”
The Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association for “for fervently opposing the EXPO line phase 2 due to the less-than-1/2 mile that the subway to the sea would run through their delicate neighborhood,” thus hindering an improvement on LA’s public transportation system all in the name of NIMBYism.

Pasadena Mayor Bogaard for allowing a Chinese float into the Pasadena Rose Bowl, in spite of the country’s human rights offenses, and for “(throwing) a grandma out of a public meeting for speaking up against” the plan. Additional offenses include proposing a measure to tax internet access. (Blogger Aaron Proctor adds that Bogaard also beat his bid for Mayor.)

The LA City Nerd for, as Gregg Fuller writes, “taking himself out of the game.” For nearly two years, the City Nerd was the go-to blogger for any question regarding the City of Los Angeles, but disappeared without a trace in early September, apparently taking all of his helpful blogposts with him. Rumors persist that the City Nerd could be Zach Behrens, now editor of LAist, Josh Kamensky, Eric Garcetti’s former PR flack who resigned around the time the City Nerd went MIA, and City Councilman Tom LaBonge.

Enjoy voting. Feel free to make last minute write in bids or protests in the comments.

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