There Be Wales Here!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder what Welshmen think of Los Angeles. Do they like the City of Angels? Do they find us cheeky or dodgy? Do they like our radio stations?

Mathew Parry writes home to Wales from Los Feliz to talk Charlie Brown, his Armenian hairstylist, and Christmas shopping with the stars.

Putting my own insecurities aside, I managed one brief foray onto another famed Beverly Hills shopping and celebrity thoroughfare – Robertson – in search of the perfect T-shirt for my nephew; a necessary incursion as my local branch of the store in question didn’t have the required size/colour combination. Fighting through paparazzi swarming on the sidewalk isn’t to me the quintessence of fun that it is to Britney, Posh and Paris, but I survived and, thankfully, I got just the right T-shirt. Six-month-olds can be so picky.

Must be a very special T-shirt for a very special little Welshman.

Enjoy the holidays, Matthew Parry. Say hi to Ross & Rachel for us.