Peoples Republic of Pasadena: “Help Free My Mom”

At the center of the storm regarding the Chinese float is local resident Yaning Liu. Her mother is imprisoned in China and she has raised the issue at a council meeting she was escorted out. Now her written request that Pasadena Mayor Bogaard “help free my mom” has been rejected.

The complete story can be found in the Pasadena Star News article Woman works to free mother held in China Bogaard refuses request to help. The folks at Pasadena’s Political Underbelly chimed in first and alerted me to the Star News article. Great job – then again they do an excellent job of writing up on their blog the crazy stuff that makes up Pasadena politics.

If anything should cinch the nomination for Grinch of the Year it is this little bit:
“I want you to know that I understand fully your concern and desire for help, from any and every source, in attaining your mother’s release,” Bogaard wrote. “This must be a very difficult time for you and for all of the members of your family.”

Bogaard on Friday said granting her request would be unlikely to have an impact and would open the gates to similar requests that would “discredit” his role as mayor.”

The banner is from Reporters without Borders and will appear as a billboard near the Rose Parade Route.

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  1. Kelly, Villa Boys duke it out with everyone around there, they’re known as the “dickhead snapper” gang of the area (everyone has it, the gang with a higher ratio of overcompensatory assholes). Thye murdered my friend on Orange Grove a few years back while robbing him.

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