Leno and O’Brein returning w/o writers, what happened?

This bit just popped up under the head line “Leno, O’Brien Return Without Writers” on mail.com just a bit ago.

It doesn’t say exactly how the decision came about, like maybe who prompted them both to return. Just a bit from the story : “Both NBC hosts indicated it was a torturous decision for them to come back, torn by their support for the writers and knowledge that several dozen other staff members would be laid off if the shows remained dark. Some of the late-night stars covered employees’ salaries during the holiday season.

Leno said that with talks breaking down and no further negotiations scheduled, he felt it was his responsibility to get his 100 non-writing staff members back to work.”…

“In a statement, the guild chided NBC. “NBC forcing Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien back on the air without writers is not going to provide the quality entertainment that the public deserves. The only solution to the strike is a negotiated settlement of the issues,” either by the studio alliance or individual companies, the guild said.”.

If recollection serves me correct, during the last big strike in the 80’s none of the talk shows returned until after the strike. Anyone have better recollection?

There you go. Some indirectly affected will go back to work. Since I am an early crasher someone else can watch and do a review on both performances once they return. Speaking of crashing time to get the youngest one moving towards tub and reading.

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  1. Johnny Carson came back to work during the strike in the 80’s (although he was not a member of the WGA) and I think Letterman did as well after a couple/few months.

    I love how the WGA says NBC “forced” Leno and O’Brien back to work, like these guys have no will of their own. NBC’s been trying to get them back for weeks; those guys have a choice. But I guess it’s easier to blame the network and not the big talent. Why is the WGA suddenly afraid to put out a scathing press release against these big boys like they did for Carson Daly?

  2. All right, I feel like starting a fight. Last night at Aroma cafe in Studio City I listened to a couple of writer’s venting about Jay and Conan. How they were going to disrupt Jay with Air horns. The standard bravado I’ve been hearing since this all began. Then came the following comment. “Oh, screw the crew”.

    While I side with the writers it’s this kind of selfish attitude that is upsetting me. While the strike continues, many people are adversely affected by this strike. Many people whom the outcome will mean nothing. So the next time you throw a shake or hot cup of coffee on someone, try to remember that.

    We crew are caught in the crossfire of situation we didn’t create. While we support what is going on, you cannot ask a single mother of 3 with a mortgage to sit on her hands and idly hope that this clears up before June. Not everybody has the ability to hold out. They don’t have a strike fund. Unemployment will only go so far. So don’t take it out on the crew. They are the ones who help you.

    Bring this up ( a story of a friend who’s a make up artist) to these two writer’s brought up this response. “Well, there is always prostitution.” and a very classy “She could eat the kids for food.” I was told to “shut the f*ck up” and “douchebaby”.

    Let me make this clear as a working cinematographer who has the ability/good fortune to wait this out. This kind of attitude is wrong. It’s terrible, horrible, and less than human. Hold out as long as you want, but always keep in the mind the people that are suffering from this strike. The producers are not going to be phased for a long time. But for that struggling 2nd AC who just made a big leap in their dream, this could be the end of said dream. So stop being selfish, and say thank you to your friends that are crew people. Some are enjoying the break, but some are not.

    As for the person who broke the side window of my fiancée’s car with a rock at Disney. Let me just say that she is a computer artist working on a film that was written before the deadline. She isn’t a suit, scab, or producer. You cost us 200 dollars to replace that window. So Merry Christmas to you for scaring a wonderfully nice lady who was on your side until your thug tactics.

  3. @Beopenguin:

    “Screw the crew” is not a common party line. It could have been a couple of people blowing off steam. Or it could have been two assholes. I don’t know. But in an organization of thousands of members, I assure you they don’t speak for us.

    However, the outcome DOES affect any union-affiliated crew members. Residuals/royalities, whether it be TV-based or Internet-based or DVD-based, comprise over half of union crew health and pension fund. If we are truly headed toward a Universe where everything resides on the internet, and we agree to a deal where the AMPTP refuses to pay us on the Internet, not only do the writers get screwed out of a paycheck but the below the line union gets screwed out of things like insurance and pension benefits.

    The rock thing is BS (as in it shouldn’t have happened, not as in I don’t believe you), and the first I’ve heard of actual physical violence. I understand why she didn’t stop, but I’d consider sending off an email to the WGA so they can get in touch with the Disney strike captains pronto.

  4. @ Slackmistress,

    Thank you for a well worded response. I will say that my wording was incorrect in outcome for crew. Yes, agree the benes packages are something to consider. My main argument is not to take it out people caught in the crossfire. Or at least, show a little gratitude towards people who are a part of the strike, and not by choice.

    We can both agree that those two people were bozos. I’m glad to hear something otherwise. As when I go to Aroma, I hear alot of the same stuff from frustrated writers. (Apparently I don’t hang out where frustrated producers are).

    As far as action goes, we are letting it slide. We understand that tensions are very very high during this. I will send an email to WGA, but I must be careful, as I don’t want her in trouble. Which she is frightened every morning driving in after that. But thank you for the suggestion. (I’m worried about Disney than the people out front).

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