GothbloggingLA: NYE Update

Only two more weeks until New Year’s, everyone! Are you excited yet? Do you have plans?

Of course you don’t. No one EVER makes plans for NYE, unless they are buying tickets to one of the ridiculously enormous NYE parties (which is actually in the plural this year) and need the advance planning. The problem with NYE is that it’s a high pressure holiday – clearly, if you are a not at an awesome party, on this night of all nights, you are not socially successful.

On the bright side, if no one you know is throwing a house party you want to go to, there’s often other events in the city. Last year, the future husband and I went to Xian’s Theatre des Wyrm at Nicotine in Hollywood, which was actually pretty fabulous. The tickets were limited, so there was enough space in the tiny club, we liked the DJ’s, and we could hide out in the secret room above the bar, with the hookah smokers, and watch the crush for absinthe at the bar. We were holding out hope that there would be a similar event this year. And there sort of is. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a lot more crowded than last year’s, because this year’s dark-culture New Year’s even is at…Bar Sinister. And, more shocking – it’s a collaboration between the three biggest operations that run Dark Los Angeles: Evil Club Empire, LA Dead and Bar Sinister itself.

Don’t get me wrong. I LIKE Bar Sinister. I know it’s pretentious, and full of the worst possible kind of posers, and that it’s unnecessary to have a dress code, but I have a soft spot for it. It was the club I started going to when I was first exploring the L.A. goth scene, and I still go occasionally to hear Wednesday’s set and see the live band. But on a regular Saturday, it’s packed, wall to wall. I mean, solid. So what’s it going to be like on a night like New Year’s? Especially when it’s 18+, not the usual 21+ – and when it’s only $20 to get in? (which, we can all agree, is ridiculously cheap for New Year’s night)

The future husband has just reminded me that we’re lucky, and I shouldn’t be complaining. Most cities don’t even have one goth event (He’s right.) But I’m very unlikely to go to someplace where I’m going to be crowded so badly to start the New Year. Looks like I will be back to calling all my friends to find out what their plans are. But I won’t be calling until after I get back from Christmas in BC. After all, who makes plans in advance for New Year’s?

2 thoughts on “GothbloggingLA: NYE Update”

  1. I loved that last line. Made me laugh…my friends all love to pretend they have NYE on lockdown, then on Dec. 29th, we get casual calls, “So what you doing on Thursday.” “Well, we’re having an NYE party.” “You are! Wait, that’s NYE! Oh my, I’ve been so busy…” Blah, blah, blah…last year, I called each and every one of them on it. And you konw what else. They get pissy when we go out of town. It’s like we’re abandoning them in LA. Alone. Weird.

    But enough about me…your plans sound like you’ll have a fine time. Good luck!

  2. Actually I hate to say it but this is the first NYE where our plans are up in the air. The last several years it has been with our neighbors. This year so many are travelling we are left on your own. Open to ideas but not searching to hard.

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