Cheap Gas!

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At Burbank and Woodman –

This Shell station is consistently the cheapest gas I’ve found. Today it’s between 20 and 40 cents cheaper than stations in Silver Lake.


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  1. I remember my dad driving around looking for a station that was still under a dollar a gallon. I also remember when he told me that he’s quit smoking when Camels hit $1 a pack.

  2. It is a sad day when we look at close to $3/gallon as a gift. The East Valley north of the Blvd tends to be cheaper gas than even here in the SGV. Funny…that station happens to be on my circle of stuff when I am in the valley so I gas up there a few times a year.

  3. Can’t remember the specific prices but for my last couple fill-ups I’ve been doing the Costco gas thing at the one in Culver City nearest to where I work. Too bad the closest one with pumps to Silver Lake is in Burbank.

  4. Not far from the greater Silverlake area are two Shell stations that are slightly cheaper. One is on the corner of Hollywood and Vermont. The other is on Vermont and Oakwood….just north of Beverly. They’re already super busy, so no cat out of the bag here.

  5. Will the problem with Costco gas is that it has the bare minimum additives and detergents. Both the Ford dealer and my other mechanic told me not to use it as it will cause premature on the injectors. Ditto ARCO gas.

    By the time you buy a can of gas additive to bring the additives and detergents up to the name brand gasses you aren’t really money ahead. Just an fyi.

    Pre-fuel injected engines the concern is more intake valve build up rather than injector wear.

  6. The ARCO on New York Drive & Lake Ave on the Pasadena/Altadena border has consistently low prices as well. I know it’s kind of “out of the way” for a lot of people..which may be one of the reasons why.

  7. In urban areas, cheap gas stations tend (not always) to be near the freeway. It’s easier for the fuel trucks to deliver the gas there, so the gas company charges the station less. That’s why, for example, the stations on Vermont near the 101 are cheap (best is the Chevron right off the exit). A decent one in Hollywood is at Sunset/Wilton, also right by the 101.

  8. Thanks for the info, Fraz. Good to know. I figured there was a trade-off, though my 10 year old Nissan pick-up isn’t seeming to mind the switch from Chevron. Yet.

  9. It affects the newer cars with multipoint fuel injection more so than the earlier throttle body versions or those with a carb.

    Arco…AP…haven’t you folks been following the problems with them an debit card users. Arco is out of the question for me, I have teens so there is never spare cash around.

  10. Well, I feel like I live in a bubble. When I lived in Hollwyood, the gas stations near me were high, then when we were looking at houses over where I live now, I thought, “Damn, welcome to the ‘hood.” Prices were high. Now, I’m finding that when I have to go back to my old neighborhood, the prices of gas are consistently between 30 – 80 cents higher.

    Last weekend, I was in Altadena and low on gas (I had a 3 mile range by the time I found one!). I pulled into one gas station that was $3.23 for 91. The gas station across the street had once car. 91 over there was $3.56. By the time I finished filling up my tank. Premium across the street was $3.69.

  11. Chevron on Victory @Hayvenhurst (Van Nuys) is consistently low as well.

    It’s become my bi-weekly fueling location.

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