Turn On Your Inflatable Front Yard Santas, Atwater

xmas%20lights.jpgTonight is the “Atwater Village Best Christmas Decoration Contest”!

Residents of Atwater: don’t forget to turn on your Christmas lights tonight after 5pm. The contest judges will be driving around the neighborhood and selecting the 2007 winners.

They will choose one winner per area: South, Central, and North. (I had no idea Atwater Village was so big as to warrant “areas.”) Winners will be notified, and info will be provided to where to pick up their prizes. This contest
is organized by the Atwater Village Residents Association, is free, and there is no need to fill out entry forms or anything.

And an idea: If you’re stuck in that god-awful accursed line for the DWP Festival of Lights, try flipping a u-turn and popping over the bridge to Atwater to peep some holiday lights at a far more reasonable rate. I’d much rather see holiday light displays in a cute neighborhood that people have worked hard on for years to up the cheese factor, than sitting in an endless line of cars breathing exhaust fumes while I creep through at .5 mph.

Xmas lights pic chez Ian Wilson.