The Wright Stuff Film Festival Has A Groovy Panty On Its Head so if you even pretend to like movies and you’ve missed the last six nights of the New Beverly Cinema’s Wright Stuff Film Festival, I will forgive you. In fact, I may even take pity on you. Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) has been screening his favorite movies over the past two weeks, and along with those movies he’s invited a the directors and the stars to the theater to meet the fans and talk about their work.’s final double feature is a can’t miss. You’re going to get Raising Arizona followed by Evil Dead II, followed by a super top secret “gonna have to kill you if I tell you” midnight movie. You don’t have anything to do tomorrow morning, right??

Again, three movies and special guests…. All for seven dollars. The first show starts at 7:30pm tonight.

Bite me Arclight.

The New Beverly Cinema
7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-4038

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2 thoughts on “The Wright Stuff Film Festival Has A Groovy Panty On Its Head”

  1. Raising Arizona is way up there on my fun movies. Wish I could go but that is way out of my way on a weekend filled with tournaments in OC.

  2. I have it from a ‘source’ that the third movie is ‘the story of Ricky-Oh’. Holy crap, it’s awesome.

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