You’re in Trouble Now

You are doing a crappy job of conserving water. The Mayor is pissed. So is some guy at the DWP. You’re grounded. Now, go to your room.

Los Angeles residents may have to get used to the idea of mandatory water conservation, early next year.

DWP general manager David Nahai is echoing Mayor Villaraigosa’s complaint, that too many people are still wasting water. He says the forecast for the Sierra snow-pack that supplies about half of L.A.’s water is not encouraging.

Nahai says saving water needs to become a way-of-life for people in Los Angeles, because it’ll always be a problem getting enough of it.

Photo of sidewalk irrigation from dvaires’ photostream

4 thoughts on “You’re in Trouble Now”

  1. Check out Jozjozjoz excellent article a few months ago on our water woes. The water concerns are going to get much,much worse. The western states have been in drought conditions for the last NINE years.

  2. I’d like to see mandatory fine for property owners who have sprinklers that overshoot their lawns or shrubs. Harsh fines. I know this is barely a drop in the bucket, so to speak, in the fight against water waste, but as a pedestrian it sucks to have my right of way hindered by their sloppy irrigation.

  3. Ha…I thought that my photo I took outside the SCE substation on Garfield and Alhambra Rd. a few months back. But I hadn’t uploaded it yet.

    I actually have a buttload of photos of water wasters that I send to the City and the DWP. It’s been about 7 months and those people are still wasting water, so I guess I’m the only one who cares. In my little area, you can see 9 people watering sidewalks and streets between 7 and 11am everyday.

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