Peoples Republic of Pasadena round up


Introducing the liberal in a fascist shawl.

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks in the PPR. First I’d like to welcome the “Pasadena New Progressive” to the blogosphere. It’s is penned by Virginia Hoge who started it as she believed there were too many “right-wing blogs” and the liberals were too slow to speaking up. I had some high hopes for this one as the opening blog included this little ditty: “I invite intelligent dialogue…”

Unfortunately it quickly devolved to the rantings of a peak menopausal woman chained to a closed mind in desperate need of estrogen. Really, you’d think she was Howard Beal in drag with the “I’m not going to take it anymore” attitude.

Comments are moderated and anything even slightly contrary to her agenda never gets published. (I know as I keep of log of my comments and gave up waiting for them to be approved). So much for intelligent dialogue. It did light up the blogs in the area with some entertaining prose and rants. Yes, I know it is her blog and she can do with it what she wants. Just don’t profess it to be a discussion when you censor out dissenting opinions. I still have hopes she opens up comments as I think it could be some good banter and discussion.

More highlights and links after the jump.

rose.jpg Ms Havisham’s Tea Party politely told her to open her mind and heart.

rose.jpg Aaron Proctor chimed in with one of the crudest (and funniest) summations of her arrival here. (He also did a nice ’twas the night before parody).

rose.jpg Foothill City blog even ran a bit on the “Pasa-Den of Right Wing Conspiracy” which is where I first got tipped off on the moderation of counterpoints. Great job guys!

grinch.jpg My nomination for GrinchGrinch is for Pasadena Mayor Boogard is cemented a bit further by the Star News “Human Rights Day Declared”. He pressed for and got a watered down proclamation version of what some on the city council wanted. The meeting was held the evening of December 10, declaring December 10 as “Human Rights Day” in Pasadena. Get the irony? The declaration was made at the end of the day giving only a few hours to mark the importance of the occasion. Think that is about as much thought as Peking gives human rights?

rose.jpg The banner is from the Journalists without Borders . The billboard version is being put up by the Visual Arts Guild and will be near the Rose Parade route. They are reportedly behind the movement asking people to turn their back to the Chinese Float in protest as it passes by.

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