ICME: Big Hairy Butt Crack


As a kid I used hang with my best friend in just that pose reading comic books at his Dad’s Grocery store. Dude, get a grip you are 30, not 10. Pay for the magazine and go home. Your pants don’t fit. I don’t want to see your big hairy butt crack after having a nice lunch out and date day with my better half. Really, I don’t.

Pic by me with the trusty phone cam, taken at Pavilions in Monrovia minutes ago.

13 thoughts on “ICME: Big Hairy Butt Crack”

  1. I do not think that it is cool of you to take a picture of a starnger in that manner and then for you to post it online. If guy wants to tread his comicbook then let him be.

  2. I managed to make it through one blogging.la post before it went all hateful. Congratulations on being perfect. I’ll check back in another three months after I forget again how annoyed this all makes me.

    P.S. – get over yourselves

  3. This post is sooooo wrong! Although I hate this site I am going to give it another chance again and again because I like telling you how much I disapprove. I’ll see you next week.

    What’s wrong with taking pictures of strangers? Maybe he’ll see this and discover that he is a fire hazard.

  4. Whoa, the other comments are gone!

    Is it the policy of this blog to delete comments that disagree or challenge the opinion of the blogger?

    I’ve had one of my comments deleted in the past as well. I tried to let it go, but I’m starting to see a trend here. I didn’t think the previous comments were troll-like or off-topic. Why delete them?

  5. Nevermind, the comments are back. But the one I posted prior isn’t there.

    What’s going on here? I think your comment system might be broken.

  6. hmmm…don’t know what you are talking about. All that was said is up still. I’ll have to check moderated comments, apparently some words will trigger it being approved to rule out spam.

  7. Weird.

    Anyway… here’s my first comment:

    Wow, uptight commenters.

    Sorry, a grown-up sitting on floor of Pavilion’s IS sad. Chubby, hairy butt crack is just the icing on that particular slice of pathetic cake.

    I’ll never get over myself.

  8. TL you crack me up. The comments being wonky also probably goes hand in hand with the side bar earlier. Not a programmer or techie just a wild guess.

    One thing I can promise you is that we don’t delete posts or comments it’s the deal when we post here at blogging.la. I like it even when tarred and feathered. Wouldn’t have it any other way as much as it pains sometimes. Totally free exchange is how it should be done. Sean did it right when he set this one up.

    As far as the post goes…it is what it is.

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