Fresh & Easy Eagle Rock

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Without stepping too hard on Frazgo’s toes, I have to report on my first trip to Fresh & Easy.

I went to the one on Eagle Rock Blvd in Eagle Rock (off the 2 Fwy) and it blew my mind. I expected it to be good but this was like I’d never been in a grocery store before.

Meat, produce, pre-made heat-up meals, appetizers, candy, baked goods, nuts, fresh sandwiches, gourmet ice cream – it’s all here, neat as a pin and ready to jump in your belly. And the prices are so low I seriously thought they were wrong.

Much as I love Trader Joe if I were Joe I’d be mighty worried. This place kicks his dick in the dirt! And for now it’s nearly empty.

Lots of registers! No waiting!

All the photos I could get before they told me NO PHOTOGRAPHY are here.

4211 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 255-1113

8AM – 10PM

8 thoughts on “Fresh & Easy Eagle Rock”

  1. I went there recently and it felt like the place was full of zombies: people shuffling around looking for packaged food, no music, automated tellers. The place gives me the creeps!

  2. Funny me, I could have sworn the place was in Glassell Park.

    I love Fresh & Easy…The first time I went, the store shelves for the pre-made dinners were empty…they’ve been pretty well stocked since then…but there don’t seem to be too many patrons…

  3. I have to say that I was not that impressed with F&E. It felt like a large corporations view of what an “indy” shopping experience should be. I hate those self-serve checkouts. Can you say “home depot”? Not personal, not fun.

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