Tiger City!

Last night you probably missed one of the most fun shows I’ve been to in a long time. Tiger City. a Brooklyn band my roommate has best described as being “almost at the intersection of disco and yacht rock,” played Spaceland. Where were you!?

Now, I understand if you feel bad and think “Why tell me about it now! I can’t go back in time to see the show! What do you want from me? Now I just feel bad!” But wait! You don’t need to feel bad! You don’t need to go back in time! Tiger City is playing again TONIGHT at the Echo! Waaa!

How much could a show like this cost, you ask? $20? $12? No! It’s free! The only thing is that Tiger City plays first, which means you gotta roll over there about 9. Afterwards you can catch Scissors for Lefty from San Francisco and Moving Units from this here Los Angeles.

It’s gonna be a good time, if you’re not convinced by only my words, try this song on for size. It’s Tiger City’s “Other Girls.” With lines like “It’s nothing that you did, no it’s everything the other girls do,” It’s kind of the perfect jam for that morning after moment when you realize that last night was, well, last night, and it’s time to move on. Delight in the sweet synth line at the beginning, be amazed at the nonchalance (and truthiness!) and bask in the sick falsetto of Tiger City.

(Go check them out on Myspace too. There are some more jams. Be sure to check “Solitary Man” as it’s pretty much the opposite of “Other Girls”)