Sometimes it Comes Back to You

Being in L.A. during the holidays can be hard, especially if you’re not from here. But, every now and then, something happens that reminds me of Christmas back home, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Last night I was out shopping, and one simple aisle display made me feel like a kid again. A kid who had little money to buy gifts, but managed to scrape by just enough to get his grandfather’s favorite cologne.

Thank you, Burbank Sears.

Merry Christmas, Pops.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it Comes Back to You”

  1. You know Jason, you can always make your own Holiday transitions to make LA “back home” for you.

    I do know the feeling of smells, sounds etc., reminding you of people you no longer have close to you. The last of my grandparents have passed 10 years ago and I still get little memories of the triggered by little things like your grandfathers cologne purchase. Nice, aren’t they?

  2. My abuelo(gramps) raised me and passed away 3 or 4 years ago. His stetson cologne and old west tie are still in the bathroom of my grandma’s house and I occassionally smell the cologne to remember his combover falling down while fixing my bike or doing house repairs (I held the tools).

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