Glendale PD goes after the Handicap Parking Tards

handitard.jpg The Daily News ran an article “No good excuse for taking disabled parking spots”. Call it what you want but it isn’t a sting as there was no set up involved. All the Glendale PD had to do was wait for people to just park in the handicapped spots and nab folks with out the right stickers. Sweet. There isn’t enough enforcement. My applause to Glendale PD for enforcing this law.

The law ought to make the fine steep, say $500 or more and include automatic booting or towing with impound. Draconian? Maybe, but let me have my self righteous moment here. I’m not disabled but have friends who are. Even older folks without handicaps who have difficulties moving about deserve the closer parking. I may not be as able as I used to be and waiting to be old enough for the knee replacements, but I still park at the far side of parking lots. I do it not because I want to prevent door dings. I do it to give the less mobile a shot at close parking. (If you saw my cars you’d know I’m about 2 dings short of beater status, but I digress).

The pic is of my most favorite flagrant Handicap Cheat in all of Monrovia. She is barely 30 and darts quickly in and out of stores. Always. Never seen her with a kid so that lame excuse is gone. I would love for MPD parking to finally nab her.

Last request. CHP has a CHEATERS for reporting out of state cars not registered timely, why not put one up for Handicap Cheats?

Pic by me with the trust che-ez, get’s bigger with a quick click.

8 thoughts on “Glendale PD goes after the Handicap Parking Tards”

  1. Oh man, the title made me laugh so hard! That was one of the best reverse uses of a derogatory term I have every enjoyed in a while. thanks frazgo :)

  2. This is truly a pet peeve of mine since I’m technically handicapped, but choose not to get a sticker since my physical issues don’t impair my ability to walk. As I see it, the stickers should only go to folks who really need them.

    I say forget the fines. The cops should just slash all four tires on these miscreants’ cars.

  3. I’m not 100% sure but can’t you print out a couple of these snaps of her car and report her to DMV or Monrovia PD?

  4. Damn…rutz, never thought about it. I must have 2 dozen of her over the years. Keep sending them to “” and never thought about just dropping it off at the local PD.

  5. Yeah, the scofflaws shit.
    But the people who constantly come up to me
    and demand to know what my disability is are worse.
    Why should I have to lift my pant leg just to show them evidence of my prosthesis?
    Their usual lame response is, “Oh, okay.”

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