Eric Gagne: Role Model

The Report is out. The list is everywhere. Names you know. Names you don’t. The conclusion is that baseball is guilty. Guilty of cheating it’s fans, and the game itself. Players on every team in Major League Baseball have used steroids. Some of them won the World Series because of it.

Every baseball fan has a right to be pissed today. Their favorite players let them down. There are some that will say it’s no big deal. That it’s just the business of professional sports. I say it is a big deal, especially when one of those players is looked up to on a site like Kidzworld.

Break Barriers is one of the latest books in the Positively For Kids series of autobiographies of professional athletes.

Break Barriers is a great read that gives you a neat look inside the life of one of baseball’s most dominant pitchers and an idea of the hard work and determination it takes to make it to the majors. The book is filled with lots of great pictures of Eric Gagne growing up and lots of stories about Gagne that you’ve probably never heard.

Yeah. Like the one about Gagne using drugs to cheat. That one’s my fav.

Photo of a Man Who Cheated the Game

5 thoughts on “Eric Gagne: Role Model”

  1. Any baseball fan who is pissed has been lying to themselves for not using common sense that this has been happening all along. I don’t even watch baseball and I assumed what the report “revealed.”

    Whats a shame is that people will still keep paying to see the games, and it highly unlikely anything will change.

  2. No bias because he works for the Red Sox? He’s named every star player that helped win a world series for NY! Fricken yankees.

  3. If everyone who wants to is already using steroids, how is this unfair competition? Steroid usage probably would be the same if it were openly permitted, so what’s the big deal?

    Did anyone look at those players and really believe they WEREN’T using drugs???

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