Tips for criminals

A while back I signed up for “epolicing,” which basically means that from time to time I get an email telling me where there will be protests (aka “first amendment events”), presumably to alert me to traffic or other associated snafus. Today I got an email titled “Holidays 2007” cautioning me that crime goes up in the west valley during the holiday season. Along with some crime prevention tips, the email has a paragraph summarizing some of the past week’s arrests including this one:

Patrol Officers observed a Car parked in a Red Zone. Officers checked further and discovered expired registration which led to discovering that the driver had no driver’s license. This simple Red Zone parking violation led to an arrest of the driver for possession of methamphetamine and possession of stolen credit cards.

And so I say to you, if you’re an unlicensed driver of an unregistered car and are in possession of meth along with the credit cards you’ve stolen to support that meth habit. . . don’t park in the red.

That’s my tip for the day.

One thought on “Tips for criminals”

  1. That is funny. Break the law one way, do another bingo…they suspect you of more. I would love to know how they were able to find the meth for the final arrest.

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