Skip Joe’s Onions

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I know I’m usually screaming about how Trader Joe’s has the best versions of any food you’d otherwise buy at the grocery, but I finally found one item that’s worse – MUCH worse.

In fact these canned fried onions absolutely RUINED my green bean casserole!

Beware. The label, if you look carefully, says it all: Onion PIECES.

Oh Joe, you let me down so.

See what I mean?

5 thoughts on “Skip Joe’s Onions”

  1. Ha! I must agree, and same happened to my green bean casserole. It’s just little greasy crumbles! Must give it a bad review on!

  2. Uh oh! I bought two cans to make the famous casserole for Christmas Dinner. Thanks for the warning. My big, green-bean-casserole-loving family would have freaked!

  3. My point exactly, Liz!

    In fact this ruined my Thanksgiving – I haven’t had time to post until now but wanted to warn everyone for Christmas.

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