Metro’s Pam O’Connor is having her second “Live Interactive Chat” today, where you ask questions that she may or may not answer.

My favorite question was posed by young William. He mentioned to Pam that Mexico City is building a new subway, with a total length of 15 miles and 23 stations, and completion expected in just under 3 years. William wondered how a third world country could build a subway this quickly while it takes L.A. forever to dig a few miles.

Pam’s Answer:

In addition to identifying funding for construction of projects, there is a thorough planning and environmental review processes that involves public participation. In the planning process the potential alignments are analyzed for performance and practicality. Then the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires analysis of potential impacts to the environment including impacts to aesthetics, noise, construction to name a few. While the CEQA process is lengthy and complicated it identifies ways to mitigate or ease impacts from the project so that the new transit project will work better with its neighborhood. The public input from these processes has resulted in better and better projects. And technological and construction innovations also improve each new project. The more public input, the longer the process, but I think most people will agree that public participation results in better projects and this is especially important because transit projects are built for the long-term.

Translation: Blahbitty blahbitty blah.

5 thoughts on “MetroSpeak”

  1. Yeah, that was one big pantry full of olde chestnuts and canned answers.
    There was an odd bit that got cut out. It only appeared for a few seconds, but my recording via PDFs managed to capture it before it was refreshed into a black hole.

  2. These “chats” are a joke, full of canned, clearly prewritten answers tossed out so they can say they are having a dialog with the community, it’s totally weak.

  3. The funny thing is, the people they are least likely to fool with these fake chats are the people that are most likely to actively participate in them.

    Old people in suits have no business using the internets. They are belong to us.

  4. Has anyone here driven on Mexican roads? They might be cutting some corners to build this subway.

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