Ticket Giveaway: Les Savy Fav @ the El Rey 12/15

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/12/les%20savy%20fav-thumb.jpgIn a 2001 interview with Aversion, Syd Butler, Les Savy Fav‘s bassist explained his musical epiphany: “I was 12 years old and someone handed me a Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Gray Matter tape. That tape changed my life.” If you know the band, that’s not hard to believe, not only because of the obvious influence of Dischord/DC on their sound but also because they have been doing the indy rock thing, including starting their own label, for more than a decade now and their music has neither grown old nor sold out. Lets Stay Friends is LSV’s first album since 2001 (except the 2004 singles compilation Inches). On their myspace page, they explain the album is “about Les Savy Fav’s unwillingness to give up. It’s a resolution to defy the forces which wear away at our innocence and enthusiasm.” Right on. My fellow Savy fans, if you want to keep defying those erosive forces, you’re in luck. Details after the jump.

Here’s the deal; I have two pairs of tickets to give away to the LSF show this Saturday at the El Rey. Winners will be randomly selected as follows: The song “Brace Yourself,” has lyrics like this:

Before I was a corpse I was a kid
Before I was a cloud I was a grid
Before I was a crush I was a kiss
Before I was a got I was a wish

What about you? What were you before you were that other thing that you are now? (Before I was a fart I was a bean….Before I was a vote I was a chad….Before I was an Ugg I was a sheep….) Leave your own “Before I was a _______ I was a _________” sentence in the comments and at the end of the business day Thursday, two of you will be lucky winners. Make sure to include a valid email address when posting your comment so that I can contact you.

Awesome photo of Tim Harrington courtesy of forklift. If that doesn’t make you want to run out and see them, I don’t know what would.

10 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Les Savy Fav @ the El Rey 12/15”

  1. “Yuck, who’d want to see some fat bearded guy with no shirt and a bucket on his head?”

    I would, because Les Savy Fav fucking rock.

    But I won’t be entering, because I can’t go to the show.

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