It Just Isn’t FARE

Curbed reports
that we are that much closer to being able to legally hail a taxi in Los Angeles.

Oh. You didn’t know it was illegal? You didn’t know we had taxis? It is, and we do.

According to the Downtown News, it’s not that it’s illegal for Los Angeles residents to hail a taxi, it’s that cabbies get fined “if they pick up fares anywhere other than loading zones, taxi stands and parking areas.”

That explains why I always have to hike all the way back to the Renaissance Hotel to find a taxi when I’ve missed the last train back to NoHo at 12:38. Don’t even get me started on that retardedness.

It’s amazing that this law even exists. Even worse that the LADOT has to start a “pilot program” to see if changing this law is a good idea. At times, Los Angeles can be painfully slow. I often wonder if anyone in this city is really in charge.

This law needs to be repealed now. This week. It’s why we elected you people into office. Try doing some work before the close of business today. We want more taxis. We want them everywhere. And how about one standard color for all taxis, mmmkay? For the love of Pete.

Photo illustrating proper hailing technique used in New York
From Mister Boboli’s photostream

12 thoughts on “It Just Isn’t FARE”

  1. You may have elected them, but you didn’t pay them. So you have to wait for the studies to see if an Angeleno can actually hail a cab. After all, the company conducting the study paid them.

  2. That’s odd, Les. I always assumed that my taxes did pay elected officials. I guess I should have paid a little more attention in American Government.

  3. That’s the point that some are apparently missing, Oren.

    Fewer drunk drivers.
    Less cars on the road.
    Tourist convenience.

    We don’t want L.A. to be New York. We just want it to be better at what it already is.

  4. MANY cities regulate their taxis in similar fashions (especially to and from airports). This is, in part, a throw back patronage thing, but, in larger part, a consumer protection thing: only registered (licensed/tagged/take your term of art) cabs are allowed to stand at taxi stands or designated areas, that means you aren’t getting into “Joe’s Super Legit Taxi Cab” to get taken for a “ride.” Yes, the practical effect can be frustrating, but then again, LA is least set up for efficient taxi service since we’re a wee bit spread out, no?

  5. Whoa, what’s with all the cabbie hatin’? Hailing a cab is useful. Granted, with the overly congested streets of LA, it can get expensive still…When we lived in Hollywood (pre-children, back when we used to go to clubs…sniff!!!), my husband and I always took a cab. That way, we weren’t driving drunk and it was still cheaper than parking (or getting a parking ticket). And if I wanted to get from Chinatown to Little Tokyo now as a opposed to waiting for a bus, I can just get a cab and leave my car in Chinatown.

    Of course, the only time I’ll probably ever use a cab to/fro is if drinking and no kids are involved. I couldn’t see standing out on Huntington Dr. to catch a cab to the gym.

  6. I chuckled when I read this article in the Downtown News.

    I hail cabs all the time in Downtown LA. I usually call LA Yellow Cab on the phone and have them call me when they arrive before taking the wife out to dinner where we’ll be drinking. On the way home we normally just hail a cab. They’re all over the place in Downtown. Never had any problem.

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