Yes, Virginia, There Is A Black Santa Claus

And Jasmyne Cannick has found him:

If you’re in L.A. and you’re looking for a Black Santa for your holiday photos, Mr. Patterson is at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. most days, even Santa apparently has to take a break.

(For some reason though, Jasmyne was hesitant to sit in his lap. Perhaps she should have considered using a Santy Wrap?)

4 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, There Is A Black Santa Claus”

  1. That is funny. Years ago a friend sent me the crudest card ever. It was santa looking up a little girls skirt. The inside caption: “yes vagina, there is a santa claus”. From that day forward I can’t help remembering. Does that make all santa’s pervs too?

  2. Of course there’s a Black Santa Claus. I don’t know a Black family in LA who has pictures with a white Santa, though my friends did find a Korean Santa in Redlands (or somewhere out there) last year.

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