9 thoughts on “Look! Up in the air! Its?”

  1. They must have used an old picture of the Library Tower, First Interstate Bank’s old logo on the crown

  2. i could not be more pumped about this film! Tony is straight west coast kickin it too. So it HAS to be in LA…uh…and awesome.

  3. It’s been said by Marvel Films captain Avi Arad that this new Iron Man flick would take place in LA because there were too many Marvel films based in the east coast.

    Well, pretty much all of the Marvel Universe that isn’t cosmic are based outta New York. But whatever, it looks cool dammit.

  4. Love that it’s the First Interstate Bank logo!! What an old pic to use!! And it sounds like Iron Man will be battling Will Smith’s Hancock for the US Bank Tower next summer! A showdown!!

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