bLA podcast: Edgar Wright with Timothy Dalton and Joe Dante

Episode 2 from “The Wright Stuff” Film Fest at the New Beverly Cinema

Last Wednesday, Timothy Dalton and Joe Dante joined Edgar Wright at the New Beverly to introduce “Flash Gordon” and “Danger: Diabolik” double feature of the “The Wright Stuff” film festival.

Following is Metroblogging L.A.’s exclusive podcast, introduced by me, of the Q&A’s from the evening.

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Dalton is surprisingly funny and playful – much more kidlike than I would have anticipated, considering I’ve always considered him the greatest Bond ever, and seemed to be as giddy as anyone else to watch “Flash Gordon” again – a film he hadn’t seen since shortly after appearing in it as Prince Barin over 25 years ago.

Dante was invited to introduce “Danger: Diabolik,” as he’s an expert on the film’s director, Mario Bava. Dante’s better known, however, as director of such films as “Gremlins” and “Innerspace.”

Tonite at the New Beverly: Edgar Wright welcome director John Landis to introduce and discuss his film “An American Werewolf In London” followed by a screening of “Tremors” with an introduction by director Ron Underwood and screenwriter Brent Maddock. (more info)

4 thoughts on “bLA podcast: Edgar Wright with Timothy Dalton and Joe Dante”

  1. Wow, someone else out there liked Timothy Dalton as James Bond. I always thought he was extremely underrated as JB. He did a great job.

  2. Man that was great and I’m sorry I missed it. But I was there last night for American Werewolf in London and Tremors, it was an amazing and awesome night!

  3. Yo, David, Thanks a ton for putting this up. You gonna put up Landis? I was there that night and would love to hear him again. Holy crap, did he ever dish it out? And the man was hilarious.

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