Ride the Red Tide

hot%20dog%20on%20a%20stick.jpgI’ve been sworn to secrecy. I can’t say where it starts. Or where it’s going (the route is held top-secret until the moment the event is on the move). But you can “ride along” with Santacon on its annual pilgrimage of partying, its jam of culture, its short-bus to shame by following my crappy cellphone cam pictures–I’ll be posting live to flickr as the event happens. So stay in your red jammies with the feet, crack open a beer at noon, and plonk yourself in front of the computer–it’ll be like you’re spiritually accompanying the red tide as it subsumes our fair city in what’s sure to be a monkeywrenching of massive proportions.

Don’t know what Santacon is? The best description seems to be here.

Photo by Curious Josh, 2004.