Corteo @ The OC Fairgrounds

For my father’s birthday, I bought our family tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo at the Orange County Fairgrounds on Friday night. The traffic was easy, especially for a Friday– I imagine the rainy weather and the cold wind was the main reason everyone stayed in.

I’m a sucker for Cirque shows, mainly because I have been neither physically active nor adventurous. I was the kind of kid who fell off my bike and said, “OK, fuck that shit, I’m learning to drive.” I never climbed trees because the thought of falling and breaking a bone was terrifying (I should also add that to this day I have never broken one *knock knock*). So watching acrobats maneuver and dance with large hula hoops and staring up at the tightrope walker who walked a 45° rope incline just made my muscles hurt vicariously.

The characters are funereal and heavenly, and the costume designers decided to go for a Victorian aesthetic which I’m sure would have sent the bOING bOING crew into fits, especially when the cute radio controlled halogen spotlight robots showed up, looking like a fun weekend project.

While the costumes are grand affairs, the plot is thin. Am I telling you anything you don’t already know? I guess not. But I suppose it bears repeating, especially since the amazing costume design and flimsy plot devices are precisely what contributes to the popularity of the shows. If you haven’t heard, Cirque is setting up shop at the Kodak theater for the next 10 years. If the shows are as good as Corteo, get ready to deal with even shittier traffic in Hollywood.