Best Little Shoe Store in Outer Monrovia

afpposter.jpg Action Footwear in Monrovia is my favorite shoe store in town for a lot of reasons. They are one of those great hole in the wall shops that get to know you, your needs and give back to the community. With businesses like this who needs the mall?

Action Footwear is running a raffle through 12/21/07 for a FREE pair of shoes, your choice of what they have in stock. The ticket is only a buck, a quick green back to the pool that ultimately will be donated to Monrovia Highschool Newspaper.

More on why I call them my favorite shoe store in town after the jump.

The owner Jim understands that shoes are a huge expense for a family. His deal besides discounting the shoes the kids want and will wear is the “Buy 10 Get one Free” program. The 10th shoe is your choice of what is in stock. Having 3 kids with growing feet and active in a variety of sports that need special shoes this place is a blessing. I’m a spaz and rarely bring the same card twice but I still manage to get a few of the free pairs each year.

Jim also does special orders from the vendors he normally stocks which is nice when you need a wide or narrow shoe. Those special orders are even discounted nicely.

The details so you can get a raffle ticket and start your own card for a free pair of shoes:
Action Footwear
420 S Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016