After Omaha massacre, are Los Angeles malls at risk?

In response to this week’s shootings at an Omaha, NE mall that left nine dead, local malls around Los Angeles have increased security, perhaps in fear of copycat attacks, or because of heightened sensitivity to an active risk.

Accordingly, when a message was posted online “that a shooting attack would occur at The Grove on December 6, 2007,” the response was unusually rapid. According the LAPD Blog, within hours a suspect was arrested – in Melbourne, Australia – and charged with “Creating a False Belief.” It was also determined that the suspect, 20 year old Jarrad Willis, “did not have any operational capability to carry out his threat.”

KCAL 9 visited Glendale Galleria yesterday, where they reporty security there and at other Los Angeles area malls have been beefed up. One shopper mentioned that a friend warned her against going shopping, in fear of a repeat of the events in Omaha.

Even before the Omaha shooting, security was already at a heightened state beginning in late November after warnings that Al Qaeda may target shopping malls during the holiday season. Assorted news outlets now openly speculate whether or not metal detectors should be installed at mall entrances, although its a concept that doesn’t seem to have much traction in the public’s response.

The question for readers is: have the events in Omaha or terror threats given you even the slightest pause in venturing out into public? Or has it made you more concious and aware of potential threats around you while shopping?

3 thoughts on “After Omaha massacre, are Los Angeles malls at risk?”

  1. Tragedies and terror threats have not changed my habits, whether it’s going to movies or a mall or what-have-you. Sadly, I feel like the terror threats are more about “the president who cries wolf” these days. And the tragedies like the one in Omaha are so rare that you just can’t let it stop you from going out in the world. Besides, isn’t there more of a chance you’ll get in a car accident on the way to the mall? (Or smash into Edible Arrangements?) I guess I have noticed that I’m slightly more aware of my surroundings these days, but not in an obsessive kind of way.

  2. I’m with Julia, it really hasn’t changed my habits. But I avoid malls anyway so this will really have no impact on me one way or another.

    If I was a worry wort type I’d be more fearful of highschools and college campuses as those seem to be in the news a whole lot more for massacres than the malls.

  3. No.

    These events are rare, sporadic, and not really of any real interest from a security standpoint. Imagine if the billions spent on preventing obscure and unlikely events were spent on education or health care instead.

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