Strike Notes

A few quickie updates on Strike happenings –

  • Reader Allison wrote in about Mutant Enemy Day, happening TODAY at Fox. Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Tim Minear, and many other Buffy/Angel/Firefly writers, plus actors Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Eliza Dushku, Juliet Landau, Tom Lenk, Morena Baccarin, and more. Details are at the forum link above – the event is happening from 10-2. I may or may not be there with my small redheaded assistant for part of the afternoon.
  • I remember reading somewhere that there will be a similar Star Trek event at Paramount next week – does anyone have more information about that?
  • Kiefer Sutherland has voluntarily checked himself into jail to serve a 48 day sentence for drunk driving. Obviously this is not strike news, per se – or is it? This does come at a time when 24 has gone dark, making it as convenient as jail will ever be. The Hollywood Reporter spins the story the same way, so perhaps there is something to it. I must say I am impressed to see a celebrity taking responsibility for breaking the law instead of finding a way around it.

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  • I always honk at picketing strikers. Solidarity, brothers and sisters! You know. This week I’ve noticed that most of the picketers are actively ignoring me. Not like they’re looking the other way and just don’t react, but several people have actually looked away when I honk. Since it is extremely hard for me to believe that they do not want my support, I am going out on a limb and thinking maybe they are sick of being honked at. When we marched last week, my son yelled back at every car that honked. “No!” he yelled, furious at the noisy interruption. (What they were interrupting is beyond me, but I am sure he was thinking important thoughts.) I don’t want to stop honking, but I feel kinda bad. A month of honking would get to anyone.
  • The Slack Mistress has a great post about why the writers aren’t being “selfish” by striking. Please click the link only if you are not going to send her hate mail. I don’t want to be responsible for hate mail, OK?
  • And speaking of Mutant Enemy folks, Marti Noxon is organizing a fundraiser called Write Aid for Friday, December 14. It’s “a comedy benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund, which is available to provide health and social services to all workers in the entertainment industry affected by the strike. The line-up is EDDIE IZZARD, JACK BLACK AND KYLE GASS (Tenacious D), SARAH SILVERMAN, PATTON OSWALT, and LEWIS BLACK. It’s at Royce Hall, and tickets go on sale over the weekend via UCLA for 75 bucks a pop. […] The money will go to a great cause and it’s an awesome group of performers.” Tickets available beginning noon today at UCLA Live.

5 thoughts on “Strike Notes”

  1. The writers striking at Sony are ignoring my bike bell now. I’m still with ’em but my dingaling ain’t.

  2. a) thank you.
    b) Will (Campbell), if you ride your bike over to NBC/Burbank in the afternoon, I promise to cheer. We even sometimes put on a show for the honkers. (But no donkeys, je promis.)

  3. Oh, I didn’t even read the entire post, bad me. Annika, we will cheer your honking as well. Although I live in the Fairfax district, I picket at NBC in Burbank ’cause the house fit with my work (obv. non-writing!) schedule. Again, we’re practically pavlovian for a honk!

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