Mo’ Better Burgers Are Back

Sadly, I never experienced the patty pleasure of a Mo’ Better Meatty Meat Burger before its original location closed several years back, but since then I’ve heard its hamburgers mythologized as madly as its somewhat mysterious demise has been mourned on blogs such as Losanjealous, Blogdowntown and L.A. Observed.

Well word’s out that Mo’ Better’s burgers are back, though without a namesake shingle or shack. Instead the famed sammiches are on the menu at Indulge Cafe, which just very recently opened its doors at 5101 Pico Boulevard (LA, 90017). In fact I found out about it from Eve, the daughter of Mo’ Better’s original owners, who after reading my October 7 critique of The Apple Pan emailed me: “Well I just wanted to tell you to look no further, the best burgers of LA are back.”

“What do you mean by the best burgers of LA are ‘back,'” I asked in a return email. “By chance is Indulge Cafe operated by the same people that ran Mo’ Better Meatty Meat?”

Her reply: “Yes, Indulge is indeed operated by the same people that ran Mo’ Better. It was actually a family owned business operated by my parents from ’91-’98. After we sold it the new owners made lots of horrible changes and ran it into the ground. When you stop by, be sure to say hello to Tami, the chef and original owner.”

You can Mo’ Better Betty Bet I will Eve — especially since its location on the corner of Pico and Redondo is right on the route I bike commute home.

Photo of the original Mo’ Better location at Pico and Fairfax is here on Vaguely Artistic’s Flickr stream.

13 thoughts on “Mo’ Better Burgers Are Back”

  1. I did experience Mo’ Better Meaty Meat Burger while they were open. As a professional Hamburglar, I was sorely disappointed, and never made a repeat visit. I remember also that their pastrami and their onion rings were weak.

    Right now, the best burger in LA (that I didn’t make with my own bare hands) can be had at The Counter. The atmosphere there is dry, but they’ve got the kitchen end down to a science.

    My “best secret burger” is the hamburger sandwich at The Pantry. Order it almost raw and with a side of tomato, and the combination of burger juices and toasted Pantry bread will work its magic on you.

  2. Figures. Right after I moved from the area too. Now I’m wondering, is Indulge one of the new neighborhood killing hipster cafes that have all of sudden sprung up in the Picfair area?

  3. Ahhh how can anyone have been sorely disapointed in an original Mo Better Meatty Meat Burger? They were the absolute BEST I’ve ever had! I’m so excited to hear they are back. I’m going to make the trek from Riverside to have one right away. Wow, I can’t believe they’re back, my prayers are answered!

  4. I actually ate there last week. Best turkey burger I have had since MBMMB closed. Drove by today for another but I guess they’re closed on Sunday. I’ll be first in line tomorrow.

  5. Sorry Karen, but I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

    I could have been there on an off day, or something might have been up. I will be checking out their new digs to see what the fuss is about, though.

  6. john, perhaps you visited mo meatty when they were under new ownership? i heard the people who took over the place in the late ’90s didn’t continue the old tradition.

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