Free Show at Jack in the Box

For a limited time only, the Jack in the Box in Valley Village (Laurel Canyon just North of Riverside Drive) is offering free improv comedy. It may only be on Fridays around 2-ish. It may only be during the holiday season. Maybe it was today only. Anyway, it was hysterical.

The play begins with two white skater kids entering the Jack in the Box arguing with each other. Something about one being an idiot for throwing away his retainer, and the other telling him to fuck off and “just help me find it.”

The next 20 minutes is one zinger after the next, as they discuss said retainer, ask employees for gloves to search the trash receptacle, and berate each other for being germaphobes. And fuckers. The dialogue was brilliant, and I loved the choices both actors made. Great character development. Nice use of physical destination.

My only issue was the ending. A little abrupt, with the skaters pushing each other out the door. No retainer. No resolution. No reappearance at curtain.

Overall: 3 stars.

Photo of the “Idiot” Who Lost the Retainer. Blurry Because Actors Are Fast!

2 thoughts on “Free Show at Jack in the Box”

  1. See, if they had read Judy Blume as a kid, they would have know how to deal with the situation beyond calling each other ‘fuckers’. But you know what? That’s a friend indeed who’ll help you look for a retainer in the trash. If it was me, I’d be laughing and taking pictures of soon-to-be-former friend.

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