8 thoughts on “Christmas in the Valley”

  1. I love it. LOVE IT. It looks like a recycle factory puked all over, but boy does it have the spirit. I cannot let my 10 yo see the sponge bob (bob l’eponge en francais).

    Long live the individuals among us.

  2. What we’re missing here is the noise of many little fans keeping those things inflated. Ahhh, the sounds of Christmas in our new century.

    If this happened on my block when I was 10 years old, they would not have lasted the night. But now I’m just hoping these folks get to fill in the few open spots with even more inflatables.

  3. I agree with DB, lil’ fans are the new sound of christmas. If you want to see what this scene looks like at night, after they turn the power off, check out this set I took in my neighborhood.

  4. Oh good Lord…I can’t even deal with this photo so early in the morning. oooh…I wonder if they have on of those Santa-humping-Rudolph-on-the-chimney inflatables I saw last night. And I like the edging. It looks like they decided to go with several different kind. Who needs unity when you got blow up thingies!?

  5. Our local hooligans struck last night. Left the inflatables alone, but we know have a bunch of reindeer humping santa (under the mistletoe?).

  6. Not the reaction I expected:

    My 4 year old thinks that this is the silliest front yard she’s ever seen. She said, “Wow! Look at that? Why would they do that to their front yard?” Then after going through the characters she said, “Mama are they crazy? That’s silly.”

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