Riding with the Menorah

I guess it’s not Chanukah in Los Angeles unless you catch a Menorah’s cruising the streets. It’s only fitting since we are such a car culture.

I’ve spotted a couple of these in the last few days and they make me laugh out loud every time!

(Sorry the picture is so bad, I was driving on the 101 at 65MPH!)

6 thoughts on “Riding with the Menorah”

  1. Awesome. I haven’t caught any of the Menorah’s myself, but I have seen a handful of cars with reindeer antlers. Either way, I’m all for people getting into the holiday spirit.

  2. I honestly don’t miss the Menorah on Cars thing. That’s something you’ll probably never see in El Sereno. I did see an SUV on the corner of Topanga Cyn. and Burbank Blvd. with a HUGE fuzzy red bear with a wreath around it’s neck. It looked like the Christmas Spirit was being choked from it. Now I’m bummed. I thought I got a picture of it, but I was driving at the time and she turned.

  3. Drive-by Jewting!

    I saw this at Wilshire/Vermont yesterday and couldn’t pull out my camera in time. Good catch.

  4. These were all over my old neighborhood, and I was always impress with how large some of them are. I’ve seen them probably more than twice the size of the one in that photo!

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