Marky Mark & The Studio City Holiday Parade

The 13th Annual Studio City Holiday Parade returns to Ventura Boulevard this Sunday, December 9th. And according to the Tolucan Times, “it promises to be bigger and better than ever.”

“We know the residents missed the parade last year,” said Art Howard, President of the Studio City Residents Association. “And we’re delighted that we can bring it back and continue this wonderful community tradition.”

That’s right, kids. Studio City gives the holidays a whole new meaning. And while they’re at it, the word “annual.”

The event starts at 5 p.m. with the Second Annual Tree and Menorah Lighting Festival and Kwanzaa Presentation. The parade follows, stretching from Whitsett to Laurel Canyon.

I’m sure glad I don’t have to march that whole section of Ventura wearing a bass drum.

The 13th Annual SCHP will be emceed by Mark Walberg. Not the guy who played Dirk Diggler, but the guy who hosted Temptation Island.

Come for the Chabad of Studio City Dancing Rabbis and the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck! Stay for Santa, and the magic of Ventura Boulevard (between Whitsett and Laurel)!

Nothing says Christmas holidays like Studio City. Seasonal Valley fun for the whole family!

Photo from acerikk’s photostream