ICME: Holiday Confusion

xmashouse.jpg This caught my eye as I began my afterschool circles picking up and dropping off the kidlets. This little apartment has been posted before Here. They have tossed up a string of Christmas lights to celebrate the season. Look close they still have their Halloween stuff in the windows and taped to the door. Lazy, confused or just don’t want to miss a holiday you tell me.

6 thoughts on “ICME: Holiday Confusion”

  1. LOL…I should run down the street and take a pic* of the house nearby. Yesterday, I noticed that they still have black cats in the window and a Happy Halloween sign too. Last night, I went out to my car and saw that they have Christmas lights going and a light up snowman, too!

    *The reason I’m scared to is that the house belongs to this nutjob-y guy who thinks that everyone who drives or walks by is trying to steal stuff from him.

  2. My nut jobs like to scare small children and put garden hoses in your car windows if you park in front of their house. Once you get their drill and stay out of their way it is actually fun to watch them lay in wait for their next victim.

  3. Am I misunderstanding things in noticing that usually “nut jobs” tend to be the dregs of white flight? You know, the leftover oakies that didnt quite make it out to the OC, SD or Colorado? I just notice this all the time, when I lived in La Puente we had a water hose/parking psycho who was a total hillbilly and walked her 400 pound self in front of windows naked daily, including during children’s b-day parties.

    Ever watch that movie Crooklyn? Every poor minority hood has some crazy white person who is total NIMBY nutjob neighbor steez.

  4. Well, I live in a predominantly Latino/Asian area and the only crazy white person around here is my husband. He’s not a NIMBY sort though. In fact, he thinks that everything should be in his backyard. He’s PIIMBY (Put It In My Backyard).

  5. Yes Art, you missed something. One nut job is a minister born and raised in outer monrovia, the other is a yenta from encino who bitches about living here (her husband and the came here for affordable housing and easy commute to JPL). Neither are refugee type oakies, both are just plain crazy anglos. Sorry to ruin your understanding.

    Btw…fabooj…your PIMBY that cracks me up, my neighbor puts all up in his front yard…does that make hima PIMFY? Or is that going down the wrong road.

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