The big excitement in Koreatown is a tree that fell last night. I know! Isn’t it exciting? It fell right across the road and hit two parked cars.


At about 8:30 my husband was putting our son to bed when I heard a crash. At first I thought a truck had hit something, but there hadn’t been that first smashing noise you hear when two vehicles collide, just the second smash of the car being hit. The tree looks perfectly healthy except that it’s no longer attached to its roots. I think it must have broken where the roots were trying to push up under the sidewalk.

Pavement: 1
Nature: 0

Details and lots of pictures behind the cut, for anyone as bored as I am.

Thanks to I knew not to call 911 and instead talked to a very nice man at 311. My neighbors, however, called 911 en masse and a couple of cruisers showed up within a few minutes. (Faster than when I was mugged. Not that I am keeping score or anything, but come on – guy with a weapon or tree? Which is the bigger threat? Oh well.)


My son had absolutely no intention of going to sleep at this point so I took him outside and we walked over and chatted with the officers. They’d put up flares to keep traffic off the block and there was nothing else they could do, so Officer Hanna joked with his fellow officers that Sammy had pushed the tree over to keep from having to go to bed.


It’s been about 12 hours and still no chainsaws, though at some point in the night cones were put up on either side of the tree. I’ll be sure to update TREEWATCH!!1! as events transpire.


5 thoughts on “TREEWATCH!!1!”

  1. Since I can’t stand to see trees lose, I’d recommend revising that score to read: trees 2, pavement 1, cars 0.

  2. The eucalyptus have lots of issues. My favorite is the sudden branch drop on calm days. Had many a claim with that one.

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