Monrovia PD settles 2nd Discrimination Suit

psncobbvmonroviasuit.jpg The Pasadena Star News wrote about the suit in a story that ran this morning with the headline “Former Monrovia police officer settles harassment suit”. Short version is that officer Glenn Cobb has settled his racial and discrimination suit against the City of Monrovia and Monrovia Police Department.

For those of you keeping track of Monrovia’s not so glamorous track record in terms of fair treatment of individuals based on race or sexual orientation, this is the SECOND suit this year settled. The other settled this summer was brought by Mike Solarez which I reported HERE.

My rant is after the jump.

As a taxpayer and a citizen this is a double edged sword. When people are discriminated against they deserve to have the situation rectified and get every penny they are entitled to. Period. Having to pay for it with my tax dollars is the side of the burns the worst.

What pisses me off is that this NEVER should have gone to suit. The Star News has reported low morale and other problems in the past. The city wrote it all of as “negotiation tactics” for the then contract renewal discussions. To have two officers filing suit for discrimination in a small city like Monrovia (less than 40,000) is absurd. It should never have happened. I can’t help but wonder how this compares of claims per officers that other cities have. The biggest concern is how many more claims lie out there unresolved or to be made yet.