Los Angeles is not flat

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Last week Google Maps launched “terrain view” allowing for everyone to better visualize potential mudslide areas and recognize that there are more mountains on the horizon than our smog ridden skylines would have you believe.

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  1. A few days before Thanksgiving, I was driving back to east LA from Corona. I had this disquieting feeling and couldn’t figure out what was out of place while driving on the 91. As I transistioned to the 71, I realized I couldn’t see the mountains. They were gone! YUCK. All the smog/haze in the IE had completely obliterated the view of the mountains as far as the eye could see. I then realized that there will be a whole generation of kids raised in the IE who’ll never get that wonderful feeling of looking up and just seeing a snowcapped mountain.

    Unless it’s on one of those 5 clear days.

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