It Caught My Eye: Up On The Roof


Coming along Washington Boulevard through the Art District of the City of Culver yesterday morning I chanced to look up and commence a double-take while passing this hoodie’d fella hanging out and dangling over the edge of one of the galleries. Seeing as he shows up in Google Maps’ street view (link) I’ll bet he’s been a fixture for awhile to the locals in the area, but he’s new to me and maybe you, too. Couple more pix of “The Headless Hoodsman” after the jump.




3 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Up On The Roof”

  1. It’s an art piece for the gallery below it, I’m pretty sure.

    Hey, Google map’s street view is more extensive! (It makes Hobo Kelley’s power not that special any more: I can see Johnnie, and Sally…)

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