How Would You Change Your ‘Hood?

If you were mayor of your neighborhood, what one thing would you change to make it a better place to live?

If I ran the Valley, there would be subways. Everywhere.

Reading through Curbed today, I saw that they linked to a post Andrew put up on Here In Van Nuys. He talks about meeting with a Los Angeles City Planning Department Community Planning Official – try fitting that on a business card.

Their discussion focuses on Van Nuys Boulevard, and it’s potential for redevelopment.

How we rebuild and redevelop Van Nuys Boulevard will become an architectural testament to a city struggling with illegal immigration, obesity, overcrowding, traffic, gang violence. We cannot simply propose new design concepts without attacking the root civic behavior that so degrades this section of the city.

I’ve always thought Van Nuys Boulevard could use a landscaped median. Maybe some nice benches and those swanky green information kiosks that would say “VAN NUYS.” And street lamps that don’t look like gigantic alien arms waiting to probe you as you drive past.

Where do you live? If you had the chance to make one major improvement, what would it be?

Photo of an Angry Invader’s Digits From So Cal Metro’s photostream

5 thoughts on “How Would You Change Your ‘Hood?”

  1. Easy – secede from the city of Los Angeles. Try to get Studio City and Toluca Lake annexed to Burbank (but LA, you can keep North Hollywood).

    Or else get everyone in my neighborhood to hire 24 hour armed security guards with barricades at intersections to keep non-residents out of the neighborhood.

    More realistically, I’d settle for 24 hour permit only parking.

  2. I’d love a brigade of Street Services trucks constantly patrolling Hi-Fi and picking up discarded mattresses, chairs, car parts, etc. Frankly, that’s a city-wide plague that I think badly needs to be addressed, but even if I could just do it in Hi-Fi it would go a looooonnnnnnnnggggggg way to improving the atmosphere.

  3. You know, in the city of LA, you can request pickup of discarded mattresses and the like by calling 311.

    The city has trucks that’ll come and pick stuff like that up, but they don’t have enough resources to constantly patrol the streets looking for it, so they have to rely on us citizens to be the “eyes’n’ears” in the neighborhoods.

    The Bulky Item Pickup trucks usually come around on the same day as the neighborhood’s regular trash pick-up.

    Give 311 a call, and the stuff will usually be gone by next Trash Day.

  4. Thanks, Mapnerd, but I’m way ahead of you. I call 311 for dumping probably two or three times a week. I was just offering up a little fantasy fulfillment in response to Jason’s question.

  5. If I ruled the world…imagine that…

    Um, if I still lived in Hollywood, I’d have 4 printable pages here. But I’m in El Sereno now and I haven’t even lived here a year, so I can’t list just one thing:
    * My councilman pay more attention to the brown folks on this side of the hill. It’s great all the stuff he’s doing for Eagle Rock and Mt. Washington, but over here, he and his useless office suck.
    * I’d have those planters on Huntington Dr. actually planted with trees.
    * Bring in a bookstore, office supply store, gym and a weekly farmer’s market, that way tax revenue won’t be going to Alhambra, South Pas, San Marino and Pasadena
    * Have volunteers like the Hollywood Beautification Team out every weekend cleaning up.
    * Do something about the lack of books in the library.
    * Get some parking for everyone up at the El Sereno Recreation Center
    * Woo restaurants that aren’t Mexican, El Salvadorean, Oaxacan or Nicaraguan, etc…
    * Get rid of all these liquor stores.
    * Make environmental living a focuse like South Pas does.
    * More police patrols.

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